Like most of you, I just love nothing more than a good lash! They are the final finishing touch to any eye that makes it look polished and expensive.

I have literally tried millions of eyelashes and There are so many Types its over whelming sometimes. I generally love an invisible band on any type of lash I use, However recently I’ve let my guard down and am falling for a full band haha! I think it’s because they can get more hair on it and Im all about the kick lol..

So Ive decided today that I wanted to show you my favourite lashes from a Dubai Based Beauty brand Huda Beauty! I have been a massive Fan of Huda Kattan from way back when. She has such amazing energy which has made her become extremely popular and well-known around the world. She has created such an incredible Beauty Line of Eyelashes, Lipsticks/Liners and recently eyeshadow.

I am so fortunate that I visit Dubai lots so have been adding to my collection each time! However recently the brand Launched in Harrods, London so it’s now on my doorstep, so I’m just out of control buying Huda Beauty products, haha!

There is a total of 21 lash styles in the line including mink. Here are my 6 Favourites in The Huda Beauty lash line and believe me They are just everything!!

MY TOP 6 – 

NOELLE 14 – Gorgeous on all eye shapes, these tripled stacked lashes are made of two intricate layers giving the illusion of a light smoky look-elongated at the base with light volume lengthy chunks. The overall curvy style creates an innocent and feminine doll-eyed look. Perfect for beginners who want to take their lash-game to the next level, or regular users who want to create a more flirty, yet sophisticated look. They Cost- $23.00

CAMILLE 16 – Double stacked end-pieces subtly criss-crossed to create length and volume. Placed from the center to the outer corners of the lash line, these fluttery lashes naturally open the eyes, giving a mesmerizing edge. Where them alone, or with a little liner, and you have a gorgeous look that opens your eyes, and gives you subtle mascara! They Cost – $18.00

GISELLE 1 – Very natural in style and light in volume, those lashes are ideal for beginners looking to create a subtle statement and defining their lash line. Gorgeous on their own, they are also perfect for stacking with any other style for maximum, after-hours effect. $20.00

SASHA 11 – Featuring criss-crossed lashes, light in density and slightly longer, those double stacked lashes deliver a subtle drama a believable root volume, for a very feminine and fluttery effect. The perfect everyday lashes for regular users. They are super long so I would only recommend using them if you have a good eye spacing. They cost – $20.00


NAOMI | MINK – Named after the fashion diva Naomi Campbell to represent the modern woman, those lashes are lower in volume but extra long in length. They instantly open the eye and give radiance to your look. Perfect for beginners, regular users or stacking. – There a lot more expensive because they are Mink and they cost –$39.00.

RAQUEL MINK – Named after the sultry bombshell Raquel Welsh, those lashes create a dramatic, elongated and dense look with just a hint of attitude. I hear these are one of Huda’s favorites, they will transform any girl next door into a irresistible temptress. Perfect for lash lovers. – They are a stunning, however be prepared as they come with a serious price tag of $50.00 but well worth the investment! 😉


The collection has a total of:

10 X Classic Lashes

6 X Mink Lashes

2 X Faux Mink Lashes

3 X Easy Application Lashes

1 X Black Waterproof Glue

Let me know which lashes are your favourite from The Huda Beauty line in the comments! 🙂

Have an amazing week Guys and Girls!




  1. December 16, 2016 / 4:17 pm

    These lashes lokks great! I really would like to try Noelle 14, they are absolutely in my style 😀

    • December 16, 2016 / 4:24 pm

      They Are an absolute dream!! You must <3 <3 <3

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