When it comes to Patterns on shirts you can either get it so right or so wrong. If you’re looking to break out of your mould of The normal plain shirt make sure you know what will work with your own Body type! There are many Styles of patterns you can try, Vertical Stripes like mine are very slimming and always a win in my eyes!


As you can see I’m sporting a Vertical Stripe shirt, which is my favourite style of shirt to wear. Vertical stripes give a slimming Illusion to and are very flattering on most body shapes. Also the smaller the stripe thickness the slimmer it appears to make people look, which is very unusual but something to observe!


This is a look that most need to avoid, Horizontal stripes can appear to make you look larger and wider, so that’s always better if your very skinny and conscious about it as it can add pounds. It’s definitely not one to wear if you are conscious about looking a few pounds heavier, hence why I avoid lol!

There are many Style of shirts, even with this look, you can get large stripes down to pin stripe, so try to experiment and see what you like, especially if your just into the Plain Shirt, Don’t be boring there’s a whole world of stripes out there! haha.

As you can see the Vertical stripe I am wearing works nicely with my body type making me feel confident and is a great look if you have meetings or a lunch date with someone special! 😉

I am wearing: Shirt – ASOS | Skinny Knee Rip Jeans – TopMan | Trainer – Adidas

What do you all think on this look?




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